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Learn Portuguese the Brazilian Way!

Coming to Brazil? Get the full experience by learning Portuguese! Whether you are working with Brazilians, or just visiting, learning the language will help you to truly understand the Brazilian mindset and culture by enabling you to interact with the local people. At McHale’s we offer private one-on-one classes to help get you there as fast as possible. Learning with private classes means you have all the attention just for you, so you can focus on what you need and learn at your own pace. All classes are with native Brazilians who are fluent in English, allowing them to clear any doubts you may have along the way.

Course and Method

The objective of our courses is to teach the Portuguese language in a fast, interesting and efficient way. Our goal is to give you everything you need to be able to listen, speak, read and write in Portuguese with fluency and ease. The lessons were conceived to gradually introduce more complex structures, while, increasing your vocabulary and knowledge of grammar. The method employed engages the interest of the student, by applying personal, social, professional and cultural topics. Excursions and planned outings help to ease students into real life conversations.

I had amazing classes where my Portuguese improved by leaps and bounds as well as getting to meet wonderful professionals who have now become great friends. It has been a wonderful learning experience.

Aleathe Morrill, California, USA

The classes were really good, lots of conversation practice and I liked the fact that the lessons were individual. My Portuguese really improved.

Douglas Clutterbuck, Swanage, UK

I studied Portuguese for one month in Fortaleza with Vitoria and her daughter Rose while travelling through Brazil. Vitoria quickly assessed my level and directed classes towards my weaknesses but also reinforced the basics relating to sounds, alphabet, and a particular local dialect. I couldn’t believe how quickly my speaking and understanding improved. I started getting told a lot by locals that my Portuguese was really good. Vitoria and Rose are excellent teachers with high levels of English to explain things clearly. They made me feel welcomed and comfortable with every lesson. I highly recommend them.

Paul Hastings, Writer, Adelaide Australia

I was introduced to McHale’s through a friend and decided to do ten one-on-one private classes to quickly have a basic vocabulary. I didn’t regret this one minute, as the teacher was very good in outlining the essentials through reading, small exercises, fun and discipline as well as giving me important homework. I recommend having sessions with McHale’s! 

Martin B. Larsen, BRFkredit Housing Counselor. CPH, Denmark

I had classes at McHale’s with Teacher Vitória. She is a very good teacher with a great personality. After three months I was able to talk Portuguese with the Brazilians due to her inspiring classes. I highly recommend it!

Trond Olav Hauge, Kristiandsand, Norway

I did some intensive Portuguese Classes for the period of two weeks and it was wonderful! Thanks to the methodology used – based both on writing, comprehenson and specially conversation – I was able to learn more than I expected. Each class we would put into practice what I had learnt in the last one and I would then learn new content – something which my teacher made both very fun and dynamic. I loved the fact that the classes were adapted to my rhythm, needs and personal interests. I encourage each one of you that wishes to progress learning Portuguese in a quick, fun and great way: study with McHale’s! I would also like to thank from the bottom of my heart all the kindness, patience and care I received from the whole McHale’s team.

Fanny Valentim, Schneider Eletric Engineer, Paris, France
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